Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day tripping in Bocas Del Toro

Living in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica has many cool and not too expensive benefits.  You can day trip to exciting destinations all within minutes to a few hours commute by bike, car, bus or plane.  With the airport in Limon now offering flights only an hour away and tour services providing tours to most places in Costa Rica, the surfing border towns like San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua and Sea lovers paradise of Bocas Del Toro in's understandable while you might also choose to make Puerto Viejo your home.  The roads in this region are very navigable and 4 wheel drive while useful is not needed.

The beaches of the Bocas Del Toro islands of Panama are some of the finest anywhere in the world, with word class fishing, diving and surfing just a short boat ride away.  Caribbean influenced cuisine offering many flavors with the local staple of rice and beans is very tasty and quite affordable.  Your choice of local beers include Panama, Balboa and my favorite Atlas.

With water temperatures ranging from 78 to 82 degrees year round it's no wonder that this is a sun and surf seekers paradise. This tropical destination is on the rise with expats and travelers looking to escape the very crowded beaches of other caribbean destinations.  Over water bungalows like Eclypse De Mar
have the feel of its more expensive rivals in the South Pacific Islands of Tahiti.

Finally when you arrive back home in Puerto realize that the place you live is just as lovely and beautiful as any you will travel in the world.  Next time you're in Costa Rica, check us out at Villa Almedro Cocles and leave your worries behind.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Just Let Go

My doctor tells me I'm obsessive compulsive.  At first I was like "Whoooaaa...What does that mean?"
It means you have to take "Lexapro".  I thought about it for some time.  I usually don't go to the doctor but am now realizing I've been there 3 times in a month.  Suffering from what I thought was extreme anxiety.  I've been on this "Lexapro" for almost 2 years now...noticing little subtleties concerning my mood when I'm here on Maui and when I'm away in Costa Rica.  I realize that the grind of a working life can make you batshit crazy.  Life for me here in Maui is like watching someone else celebrating Christmas through their living room window.  Tourist come and go...Everyone is happy except the people working 2 jobs 6 days a week to glimpse "Payadise".
In order to get what and where you have to work your tail off...I get that.  This is not living..It's merely existing.  It's like a sleepless slumber of wake up, go to your see whats left.  I'm done with that life..It's taken me almost 50 years to "Just Let Go" and figure out the rest as it comes...When you are ready to "Just Let Go"...Remember Villa Almendro ...Hey that rhymes....Ciao

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Next Step

Wow.  It's been a long time since my last entry and so much has happened.  We found and purchased our place in the Caribe Sur.  It' called Villa Almendro after the beautiful almond tree wood which was used to make the floors.  The road has been long and foggy...In more ways than one but we did it.  I know my blogspot is Maui2Malpais, it now must change to Maui2PuertoViejo :) After some back and forth, we decided the Caribe Sur was better for us due to its better roads, Afro-Caribbean Culture & beautiful beaches.  Don't get me wrong, Mal Pais will always draw me back at some point but its something special about the caribbean side of Costa Rica which helped to finalize our decision.  This process began when we approached our tenant about buying our Maalaea condo here on Maui.  He immediately got pre-approved, went into escrow the next day and closed 3 months later.  It just so happened that the closing coincided with our annual trip to Costa Rica.  I'd been searching the internet daily and kept going back to the real estate website Villa Almendro was listed on.  It turned out that the vacation rental we were staying in was right next door to the property...Who Knew ;)
Jose who'd we have been working with in our search showed us the property the next day.  An offer was rejected, counter offer countered, price accepted and 3 weeks later sealed the deal after some stressful if not down right painful Apostile process in order to verify the $$ that are wired to Costa Rica.  They don't show you that part on House Hunters International.. :/ Fees out the yin-yang...both closing our property here on Maui and wiring money and buying in Costa Rica..but it was all worth it...I wouldn't change a thing.    

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Beginning

My first visit to Costa Rica was a life changing experience.  Until that time I was content with friends.  Now that I think back on it, I wasn't spinning my wheels.  I was preparing for this long journey. An awakening occurred.  An awakening I wouldn't fully understand until my 5th trip back.  I realized that we (my wife & I) needed to sell all of our material possessions, sell our 2 condo's here on Maui and eventually quit my  job which I've worked the last 17 years..Now keep in mind, I live on beautiful Maui.  The "Best Island in the World" according to many travel publications and debatingly...rightfully so...I've had some good times here...made some good friends...but the tug of  "This Awakening" is pulling me...I'm totally encapsulated in preparing our finances to the last penny.  Decreasing our debt and daydreaming of a life on a secluded beach amongst virgin rainforest.  I want this life....I need this life...this will be our story of how it comes together.  I'm not a writer. As a matter of fact, I'm intimidated by the thought of it...but I'm taking this leap of faith and I will forever be changed by it.  Join my wife and I on this journey and I look forward to sharing our experiences...Until next time Aloha and Pura Vida....